Watersporters are the VIP's of hotel Villa Romantica

Read this story about how watersporters became the VIP's of Hotel Villa Romantica. 

As most of you know, Paolo the owner of Hotel Villa Romantica is a fanatic watersporter himself. His number one choice to get out on the water is kitesurfing. But if we are fully booked or if he is short with time you find him out on a SUP.  And for 2015 he has reserved himself a catamaran course:)

Paolo owner of hotel Villa Romantica

Kitesurfing is a sport practised by loads of different people. From students to parents. From young ( we teach from 8 years old) to old (oldest so far in our school 78). All these people have different budgets. Paolo tries to make Hotel Villa Romantica available for everyone. The hotel has 23 unique rooms. The smallest rooms, with the less view he is giving away for really low prices to watersporters on a small budget. And also on the best rooms you can always count a good discount if you book a kitesurf, sailing, sup course in combination. Discounts from 15 to 30%! 

In general everything we ask Paolo the answer is a yes. Questions from: Can we organise a pizza night for all kitesufers at Villa? Can our clients use the Sauna? Can I borrow your car? Can you help me with this? Can you change this on your website? The answer is yes. Always!

So if the answer is yes, you keep asking. The latest questions: Can you open the hotel 5 days early for some kitesurfers? Yes, Paolo can :) 

Special offer 28 March/ 2 April = 50 euro's per night per room. And you share the hotel only with watersporters! So who else is joining for an extra early start of the season? 

Thank you Paolo!