SUP night tour in Lake Garda

 A blue light, another green, one orange and violet which illuminate the bottom of the lake at the black of the night

Close to the beach the lights become brighter and you can make out fish and different forms of stones

What could that be ?

It's some youngsters going out on the STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS at night...

Friday night at 20:45 we have had a fantastic experience, the SUP tour alongside the coast of Limone, a tour we organize frequently during the season here at Lake Garda.

Limone seen from the water is magic, illuminated by numerous lanterns of various colours, who contrast with the light of the moon and the magnificent stars to create an absolutely fantastic atmosphere.

One delights of this panorama in all the serenity of the evening: the lake ristores after a busy day, swept by the morning wind called "Peler" and the afternoon wind called "Ora".

An unique experience suitable for everyone: Sport and at the same time relax with some friends. Or why not finding some new friends and meeting people, with whom to share some relaxed paddling and take up the challenge of staying balanced :)

preparing at the beach for the night SUP tour

preparing at the beach for the night SUP tour

However, the truth is if you don't want to be wet it is possible.  The lake water is so beautiful and calm in the evening and illuminated by the moon it looks like a mirror.

The departure of the tour is at our kitesurf school and the destination is the Old Harbor of Limone, a little special place typical for Limone with the old fisherboats to have a rest and enjoy a drink aboard your sup (definitely not standing up ;-) ) this time round it was sitting horseback on the Sup for a special toast. 

drinking cocktail at the Old Harbour of Limone

drinking cocktail at the Old Harbour of Limone

some impressions from the led night tour in sup

some impressions from the led night tour in sup

Greetings by Team Limone Watersports, happily awaiting for the next SUP night tour!!!

 Let's get on the water and have fun!

Equipment selling !

Like every year we are going to sell our kite equipment. 2015 North kites and Best kites. You can choose between our different types Juice, Neo, Evo, Vegas or Rebel also Kahoona and Cabo. There is something for everyone. We have a huge range of different sizes.

Starter packages:

Starter package (used equipment): Kite (9,5 m Kahoona), Board, Wetsuit, Harness and life jacket for 1000,00 €.

Package for beginners: Kite (Juice 2015), Board, Bar, Go – Joe, Wetsuit, Harness, Life jacket (used equipment) for 1250,00 €.

If you interested in our equipment check our website:

Especially for beginners it´s not easy to find the right size for the kite. What is your level now? Which level would you like to reach? Where will you be mostly kiting? Are you going to kite in areas with light or with strong wind? If you need help to choose the right equipment and the right size you can just contact us. We will help you to find the right equipment for you. 

Equipment selling

Equipment selling

Sailing and Kitesurfing in October !

Even there is no summer temperature anymore the October is still perfect for sailing lessons with the catamaran and for kitesurf lessons. There is always wind so lake garda is a nice spot for kitesurfing and other water activities. Especially in October we have most of the time strong north wind. So the people enjoy the kitesurfing and the sailing. We provide you with wetsuits, life jackets and shoes ( for gloves it´s not yet cold enough ;) ) so you feel still comfortable if it´s getting colder while having long sessions in the water. We bring you with the power boat directly to the kitesurf spot. You follow the wind and there is a lot of space around you. You learn immediately how to react in deep water and advanced riders are lucky to have the wind shuttle. You can choose between SUP, Catamaran, Dinghy, Kayak or Kitesurfing – there is something for everyone.

Even there´s only time for a long weekend or a few days, next to our surf and sailing school Limone Watersports is the nice Hotel Villa Romantica which have great offers for this month. We have a lot of different courses you can choose. Just contact us if you want a tailored offer.

We are looking forward to welcoming you !

Limone Watersports Crew is sailing the cat

Limone Watersports Crew is sailing the cat

Sailing the catamaran in Limone

Sailing the catamaran in Limone

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda with Limone Watersports

Kitesurfing on Lake Garda with Limone Watersports

Kitesurfing on a sunny day in october

Kitesurfing on a sunny day in october

SUPing in front of Limone

SUPing in front of Limone

Kayak tour with Limone Watersports

Kayak tour with Limone Watersports

Sailing tour with the dinghy

Sailing tour with the dinghy

Capsize training:

What do you do if your cat capsizes and you lost your crew? Now Wiwi and Milena know it: You fully capsize your cat by...

Posted by Limone Watersports on Monday, September 28, 2015

October offers for staying at Villa Romantica and kiting, surfing and sailing with us!

Weekend offer: 2/4 october, a double room for two people bed and breakfast: 220 euro.


9/11 october, a double room for two people bed and breakfast: 160 euro.


16/18 october, a double room for two people bed and breakfast: 180 euro. 



sport weekend offers:

package 3 kite lifts for 75 euro ( instead of 95) 

rent our cat for a day with captain. Max 4 people, lunch included: 100 euro! 

Two sup tours of 2,5 h for 50 euro ( instead of 90) 


week offers:  

6 nights for 2 people bed snd breakfast in the period 3 to 18 october for 480 euro.


sports offer:


5 day kite or sailing course in a group 350 euro!

5 day kite or sailing course in a pair 500 euro!

5 day sup rental plus one 3 h tour to the water fall: 75 euro






Limone watersports fun! 

Limone watersports fun! 

October kite course lake garda

October kite course lake garda

Sailing course in october lake garda

Sailing course in october lake garda

Catamaran lessons in July on Lake Garda at Limone Watersports

It is July: Hot, Sunny and Windy! 

Perfect conditions for some catamaran sailing on Lake Garda. 

Today in the morning at 6:45 all the kitesurfers met at the Limone Watersport center. They are the early birds, catching the wind further up North. At around 7:00 the RIBs leave who bring the kiters to the best wind Spot of Lake Garda. 

When the catamaran my lesson today was schedule at 8:00, for me that is late but we still got some amazing wind! After 5 minutes gearing up the 9 year old, 30 kilo Alberto was ready. Yesterday late afternoon we already practised how to put on the harness and how to stand in the trapeze. 

Now it was time for the real deal. As soon as we floated out towards the wind area the waves where building up. Strong wind and big waves are a hard combination to start learning trapeze sailing. So we tacked upwind (using the main sail only_) until we got at the northern kitespot. Always nice to wave at my collega's and here you have the most stabile wind and the least waves. 

Here Alberto managed to get out in trapeze and keep standing! After a little while he went hands free and even manage to touch the water. 

For 5 minutes he also steered the boat but today he preferred to have fun hanging in the trapeze. 

Around 10 am the wind got less so we unrolled the jib and Alberto moved the jib with every tack and gyb we made on the topcat. 

10;30 we where back on the land. It was a great morning sailing the topcat with Alberto. The good news, he likes his catamaran test lesson and is going to continue learning to sail the top cat! 

Leopoldo the Kitesurf Assistant:

Hi everyone! 

My name's Leo, I'm 19 (nearly) and I'm the new assistant at Windriders, succeeding Jonathan who just flew back home.
Instead I'm actually at home here (I come from Arco, just some kilometres North from Limone) and so Lake Garda is my were I learned to kite 2 years ago. Every summer I've been kiting in Limone (but managed to travel to other spots in winter) and then last year I've done the assistant course with Mika.
I've just finished final exams at school and I can finally dedicate summer to kitesurf, so now I'm here working for the first time as an assistant.

come visit me at Limone Watersports!

Leopoldo kitesurf assistant


We are again offering our Kitesurf Camps for all levels. Either you are just a beginner trying to constantly ride up wind or a long time rider wanting to learn more tricks, some repair tips and increase your knowledge, we have a camp suited for you.

Our teaching happens from a boat which provides constant closer supervision.

Also we use radio helmets for a better communication.


Also we organize different activities for after your sessions such us Slack line, Wakeboard, SUP, Yoga or Mountain biking in this incredible landscape.


Beginners Level.- ( 725€) Maximum 3 people on the boat.  If you are not yet riding upwind or just started this is for you. Gear included.

Intermediate Level.- (600€)Maximum 4 people on the boat. Upwind rider but not in all conditions? This is for you. Bring your own gear or use ours for an extra 50€.

Advance Kitesurfers.- (500€) Consistantly ridind upwind. Learning to ride  switch and perform a basic jump. If you come with your own gear we recommend you bring your full quiver: 7,9,13 meter. Or you can use our equipment for 100€.

Come join us to have a great experience and a lot of fun! Contact us on 

or call us on +39 348 8975467

Kitesurf and Mountainbike Holiday at Limone, Lake Garda


As most of you know Lake Garda is a mountain lake. Located in the North of Italy between the mountains south of the Dolomites. These impressive mountains attract mountain lovers from all over the world. The free climbers go to Arco. (just a 30 min drive by car or 1h bike ride from Limone ), The paragliders go to the Monte Baldo (30 min ferry from Limone centro plus 30 min cable ride) and the mountainbikers go everywhere! Riva and Torbole might be most famous for mountainbiking but if you want to do a combination between kiting and mountainbiking then you need to come more south. for the reason that kitesurfing is not allowed in the north part (the province Trentino) of Lake Garda. Limone is most Northern city where you can kitesurf and where we have some great mountainbike routes.


Limone is spread out along the shore line. (It only goes a little uphill because soon the mountains get to steep to build on). To get around in Limone a Mountain bike is a must. It is beautiful to stay on the campside or a hotel on the Lake. But for the people with a lower budget or who want an apartment in a more quiet area, the mountainbike is the nr one transportion. Biking uphill in the lowest gear, and racing down with zero afford to make it at 6:45 am at the Wind Riders kitesurf school for your morning kite session.

With stronger winds in the morning, our power boats will take you right to the spot where the wind is blowing the best so you can enjoy an unforgettable session. If you don´t want to carry your own gear, no worries, we rent at the school the latest North kites and boards, so if you have been wanting to test a different kite from yours, this is a great chance.

You don´t know how to kitesurf? No problem! We have the latest and best beginners gear to teach you how to do it. With the use of power boats and radio helmets you will be surprised how quickly you are riding amongst the others. And you can even chose which school you want to start from as we have two settings in Limone, one southern and one on the north side of the village just to make your life easier.

Our qualified VDWS instructors will make the most of your kitesurfing experience.

were the provided reflector jacket when you mountainbike through the tunnels of Limone sul Garda

Where the reflector jacket provided by your bike if you take tunnel.

An stunning set of mountains allow you to start your trail right from the village. It is the perfect activity after a great kitesurfing session. You bike uphill and have a well deserved aperitif. Click here for the map and mountainbike routes of Limone. A short 30 min bike ride takes you up to Voltino. A 1,5 h mountainbike trip takes you through a canyon and around the tremosine valley. From Tremosine there´s a whole mountain up there so go find your unbitten path.

At the Wind Riders school you can rent your bike from as low as 25 €/week or 50€/ with suspension.

2015 October offer: for 2 people

one week on the campside, 5 lessons and a mountainbike with suspension for a week: 595 euro!

If you would like us to help you arrange your perfect holiday get in touch with as on or call us on +393488975467

Sports nautiques à Limone, lac de Garde



Rappelait vous quand vous etiez enfant comment c’etait de joeur avec un cerf-volant? Le kitesurfing est une sensation ultime de liberté. juste vous, votre kite, l’eau et le vent. Senter l’adrenaline, apprecié le silence et admirer le magnifique paysage du Lac de Garde!

Vous débutez dans ce sport? Prenez des cours de kitesurf et apprenez a kiter entre les magnifique montagne escarpée du Lac de Garde.Il y a pas meilleur endroit pour apprendre le kitesurf, merci au vent thermique. Avec une leçon d’essai vous allez apprendre a controller votre kite et faire du bodysurf avec votre kite dans l’eau. Si vous voullez atteindre le niveau de kiteur independant optez pour le courts de base de 5 jours.

Si vous étè déja kiteur independent vous pouvez prendre la navette avec le Ecole de Kitesurf Wind Riders. Vous pouvez faire sa avec votre propre equipement ou avec les derniers model de North boards et des kites des Wind Riders.

L’école de Kitesurf Wind Riders de Limone se concentre sur la progression, l’amusement et la sécurité. Tous les instructeur sont qualifié IKO et/ou VDWS. Les cours sont enseigné en Allemand, Italien, Français et en Anglais.

kitesurf Lac de Garde


La navigation à voile:


La voile est possible a tous ages a l’école de voile de Limone sul Garda. Les enfants apartir de 6 ans peuvent comencer les leçons dans les dériveurs. Deux enfants par dériveur vont apprendre a découvrir le monde de la voile. L’un réglant la voile et l’autre controllant le gouvernail. Avec un vent plus fort ils pourront s’accrocher au sangles et sentir le bateau planner sur l’eau. Plaisir garanti !

Les adultes & les ados peuvent naviguer sur les dériveurs ou prendre les catamaran Topcat K1. Ses voiliers facile a maneuvrer sont parfait pour les couts de débutants. Mais avec ses double trapèze et son système de spinnaker meme les plus expérimenté vont s’amuser dessus.  

Le Centre de sports nautiques loue des dériveur et les catamaran au marins indépendants. Si vous étè pas indépendant vous pouvez louer le bateau avec un capitaine ou prendre une lesson de voile. Sur le Lac de Garde il y a toujour du vent,notamment unpeu au nord de Limone. Au cas ou le vent n’arrive pas jusqu’a la plage un bateau a moteur est la pour tirrer les bateaux a voile jusqu’a la zone ou il y a du vent en moin de 5 min.

ecole du volei lac du garda


Stand Up Paddle: Sup


C’est le nouveau sports nautiques sur le Lac de Garde.Tous le monde peut le faire,vous avez juste besoin de savoir nager. Louer une planche et pagayez,amusez vous et relaxez vous.Appreciez d’etre sur l’eau du Lac de Garde. Il y a pas de meilleur façon de passer une chaude journée!!

Sa vous direz de passer unpeu de temps sur l’eau? Rejoignez-nous pour la balade en paddle le long des rivages du Lac de Garde. Apartir de 2 km pour une  tournée de presentation ou jusqu’a 15 km pour voir les cascades.La balade la plus courte est de 1 heure et la plus longue de 4 heures avec boisson compris. Notre petite balade vous amenera le long des ruines historique du Lemon tree gardens, le port de Limone, les magnifique villas du lac et les falaise a couper le soufle. Il y a des SUP pour tous le monde: des SUP en mousse pour les enfants avec des pagaies courte et légère, des planches stable pour débutants et des modèle de course avec pagaies en carbone pour les longue distances pour les personnes experimentés.

Pour la balade d’une heure pas necessaire d’etre en grande forme physique. Pour la balade longue distance vous pouvez vous préparer a avoir un entrainement pour tous le corp. La raison pour laquel le Stand Up Paddle est bon pour votre corp s’est que tous les muscles de votre corps aide a maintenir votre équilibre a tous instant.J.


SUP sous les étoiles ou par une nuit de pleine lune.deux fois par mois il y une soirée balade en SUP. Sous les SUPs des lumières led sont attaché, elles brillent a 360 degree autour de vous pour une bonne visibilité. La balade de nuit vous amene jusqu’a “Porto Vecchio” ou vous pouvez prendre un verre et sur le chemin du retour vous prenez un petite moment pour vous allonger sur les SUPs, et regarder un magnifique ciel étoilés!

stand up paddle lac du garde


Vandsport i Limone sul Garda, Gardasøen: kurser for børn, udlejning med tilsyn med skipper udlejning, udlejning kite surfing, kitesurfing kurser.

Vandsport i Limone sul Garda


Husker du, hvordan det var som barn at lege med en farvestrålende drage? Kitesurfing (dragesurfing) er den ultimative følelse af frihed. Kun dig, din kite, vandet og vinden. Føl adrenalinen, hør stilheden og nyd det fantastiske landskab ved Gardasøen!
Er du nybegynder? Tag kitesurf-timer og lær at kitesurfe mellem de stejle bjergsider af den smukke Gardasø. Der er ikke noget bedre sted at lære at kitesurfe takket være de daglige termalvinde. Med en prøvetime lærer du at kontrollere kiten og at bodysurfe gennem vandet. Hvis du vil lære at kitesurfe på egen hånd kan du tage 5 dages kurset.
Hvis du allerede er uafhængig kitesurfer, kan du tage et lift ud på søen med Kitesurf School Wind Riders både. Du kan bruge eget udstyr eller det nyeste fra North Boards og Wind Riders' kites.
Kitesurf School Wind Riders i Limone fokuserer på fremgang, sjov og sikkerhed. Alle instruktører er IKO og/eller VDWS kvalificerede. Der undervises på tysk, italiensk, fransk og engelsk.

kitesurf gardasøen


Det er muligt for personer i alle aldre at sejle med sejlskolen i Limone sul Garda. Børn fra 6 år kan starte med undervisning i jollerne, hvor 2 børn i hver jolle kan udforske sejlverdenen. Een sætter sejlet, og den anden styrer roret. Med lidt mere vind kan de hænge i trapezen og føle båden plane. Garanteret sjovt!
Voksne og teenagere kan sejle jollerne eller K1 Topcat katamaranen. Denne let sejlede båd er perfekt til et begynder-kursus. Men med dens dobbelte trapez og spiler-system vil selv den mest erfarne sejler have masser af underholdning.
Limone Watersports Center lejer jollerne og katamaranen ud til uafhængige sejlere. Hvis du ikke er uafhængig, kan du leje båden med kaptajn eller tage en sejltime. På Gardasøen er der altid vind, specielt lidt nord for Limone. I tilfælde af at vinden ikke når ind til stranden, vil en motorbåd trække sejlbåden ud til et vindområde på blot 5 minutter.

katamaran og jolle sejlads på Gardasøen


Stand Up Paddle boarding: Sup

Dette er den nyeste vandsport på Gardasøen. Alle kan gøre det, du skal bare kunne svømme. Lej en båd, padl rundt, leg og slap af. Nyd at være i Gardasøens vand. Der er ikke noget bedre på en varm dag!
Er du frisk på noget tid på vandet? Tag med på en SUP tur langs med kysten af Gardasøen. Fra en 2 km's introduktionstur til en 15 km's tur til vandfaldet. Den korteste tur tager 1 time og den længste 4 timer, inklusiv en forfriskning. Vores ture tager dig langs de historiske ruiner af citron-haverne, havnene i Limone, de smukke sø-villaer og de utrolige klipper.
Der er en SUP til alle: Blødt polstrede SUP'er til børn med korte, letvægts-pagajer. Stabile boards til nybegyndere og konkurrence-modeller med carbon-pagajer til den øvede langdistance-SUP'er.
Til 1-times turen behøver du ikke være i god form. På de længere ture kan du regne med at få en god workout. Grunden til at SUP er godt for hele kroppen, er at alle musklerne hjælper med til at holde kroppen i balance hele tiden.
SUP under stjernerne eller ved fuldmåne. To gange om måneden er der en aften SUP-tur. Nedenunder SUP'erne er der monteret LED lys, der lyser 360 grader rundt og sikrer god visibilitet. Aftenturen går til "Porto Vecchio" (den gamle havn), hvor du kan få en forfriskning, og på vejen tilbage vil der være et øjeblik til at ligge på SUP'en, kigge op og se den mest fantastiske himmel!

leje en sup ved Gardasøen

Easter offer: 3 days kiting, 2 nights accomodation: 299 euro

Our kitesurf season at Lake Garda has already startet and in two weeks time we have our first offer coming up.  Are you up for a little kitesurf holiday? A short kitesurf trip to Lake Garda? Always wanted to learn to kitesurf? Don't hesitate but take this super offer. 

3 kitesurf lessons, 2 nights accomodation at Hotel Villa Romantica 

Included in the lessons: equipment, equipment insurance, IKO diploma

Included in the accomodation: breakfast

single room extra fee: 45 euro. 

kitesurf course at Lake Garda with Easter

2015 Kitesurf Girls Camp

A Girls camp for girls who want to have fun and progress their kitesurf level!

We have 3 level groups for our Girls Camp 24/ 30 August 2015. 

Group 1: Complete beginner/ waterstart (maximum nr of students per teacher: 3. Equipment included, price: 750 euro

Group 2: Waterstart/ constant downwind riding (maximum nr of students per teacher: 4. Equipment included, price: 625 euro

Group 3: Upwind Riding/ freestyle (maximum nr of students per teacher: 6. Equipment EXCLUDED, price 425 euro 

Included in the camp fee: camping place 24/30 august, 1 water kitesurf session, 1 kitesurf clinic and one outdoor activity per day. 1 pizza night and a girls kite top. 


- equipment rental for group 3 participants: 100 euro for a week

- mountainbike: 25 euro for a week

- extra nights at the campside: 10 euro per night

- rentel tent, mattrass and bed linnen: 25 euro per week

- B&B single room : 150 euro extra

- B&B double room (price per person): 100 euro extra

We ask for a 100 euro downpayment. If in between the time of signing up for the camp and the start of the camp your kitesurf level changes, just send as an email and we upgrade you to the next group. 

2015 girls kitesurf camp

Watersporters are the VIP's of hotel Villa Romantica

Read this story about how watersporters became the VIP's of Hotel Villa Romantica. 

As most of you know, Paolo the owner of Hotel Villa Romantica is a fanatic watersporter himself. His number one choice to get out on the water is kitesurfing. But if we are fully booked or if he is short with time you find him out on a SUP.  And for 2015 he has reserved himself a catamaran course:)

Paolo owner of hotel Villa Romantica

Kitesurfing is a sport practised by loads of different people. From students to parents. From young ( we teach from 8 years old) to old (oldest so far in our school 78). All these people have different budgets. Paolo tries to make Hotel Villa Romantica available for everyone. The hotel has 23 unique rooms. The smallest rooms, with the less view he is giving away for really low prices to watersporters on a small budget. And also on the best rooms you can always count a good discount if you book a kitesurf, sailing, sup course in combination. Discounts from 15 to 30%! 

In general everything we ask Paolo the answer is a yes. Questions from: Can we organise a pizza night for all kitesufers at Villa? Can our clients use the Sauna? Can I borrow your car? Can you help me with this? Can you change this on your website? The answer is yes. Always!

So if the answer is yes, you keep asking. The latest questions: Can you open the hotel 5 days early for some kitesurfers? Yes, Paolo can :) 

Special offer 28 March/ 2 April = 50 euro's per night per room. And you share the hotel only with watersporters! So who else is joining for an extra early start of the season? 

Thank you Paolo!

Flying to Lake Garda for a kitesurf holiday!

Kitesurf holiday with the plane in Europe, Italy, lake Garda. Kitesurf trip to Italy, Limone. Flying to Lake Garda, Limone, Italy. Rent a car from the airport to Limone, Lake Garda. Public transport from the airport to Limone, Lake Garda. Airport shuttle from Verona and Bergamo to Limone sul Garda! 



From the 1th of April until the 30 of October Transavia flies from Amsterdam to Verona, Return flight around 100 euro. kite bagage = normal bagage. price for a return flight depends on k. 

15 kg€ 15

20 kg€ 20

25 kg€ 25

30 kg€ 35

40 kg€ 45

50 kg€ 75



Daily from Eindhoven (NL), London, bristol, manchester, east midlands (UK) to Milan Bergamo, Berlin, Frankfort, Brema, Dusseldorf (DE), Oslo (NO), brussel (BE), Billund, Copenhagen (DK), Paris (FR), Dublin (ireland), Goteborg (Sw)

cheap fee: 30 euro. normal fee 80 euro's. kite luggage one way 50 euro, return 100 euro



Amsterdam Schiphol, london – Milan Malpensa

cheap ticker: 75 euro. normal ticket 100 euro

Kite luggage return 80 euro

 Alitalia (skyteam)

Bristisch airways:

London - Milan Linate

normal ticket 100 euro. 

kite bagage can travel for free at the place of your normal luggage. 


Rent a car to drive from the airport to Limone, Lake garda




and many more to compare


Average daily price 20 euro. Rent a real Italian fiat 500 for the true Italian experience. bonus: it doesn't take much petrol 

Airport transfer:

Verona Airport shuttle to Limone sul Garda, Limone sul Garda Airport Shuttle to  Verona Airport

1 pax: 41 euro, 2 pax 38 per person, 3 or 4 pax 36 euro per person and 5 to 8 pax 28 euro per person! 


Milan Bergamo Airport Shuttle to Limone sul Garda, Limone sul Garda Airport Shuttle to Limone sul Garda

1 pax: 80 euro, 2 pax 60 per person, 3 or 4 pax 55 euro per person and 5 to 8 pax 45 euro per person! 

not included 10% tax. 


Public transport

 Milan Bergamo

Milan Bergamo à bus Autostradale à Brescia station

Brescia station à 5 min lopen à Brescia provincie bus station

Bescia provicin bus station à bus S202 directy to Limone

Bescia provicin station à bus 202 Gargnana à  Limone

Bescia provicin station à bus Salo à bus  Gargnano à bus Limone


Price: bus autostradale: 12 euro

Bus brescia à Limone 5 euro


Import: In the evening there are not many busses. Brescia station is not a nice place in the evening. It feels very unsafe. If you do decide to travel there in the evening, prepare yourself. Don't put all your cash in the wallet you use to buy a ticket. Don't exept help from people hanging around who demand to help. 


Milan Malpensa:


Bus shuttle to Milan trein station (5 euro) à trein to Brescia ( 14 euro) à bus to Limone (5 euro), 


Milan Linate:

à trein to Brescia ( 14 euro) à bus to Limone (5 euro), see travel tips brescia/ bergamo 


Bus to Verona bus station

Bus to Malcesine, boat to Limone (6 euro)

or Bus 162 en 184 to Riva and LN 0027 to Limone


Pay attention: There is no trainstation in Limone sul Garda. If you take the train to Limone. You will end up in Limone Piermonte (400 k away from Limone sul Garda) In Limone we have the bus, ferry, taxi, airport shuttle

Land before 2 pm if you want to get to Limone with public transport.

 If you reach Garganono or Riva then Hitch hiking is easy to Limone because it is only one road. 


Before you travel with your kite, look at our rental prices:


1 session: 35 euro, 10 session 300 euro. Always the right kite size, free selection of boards: twintips, raceboard or hydrofoil. 

Sport and Relax holiday in Limone, Lake Garda, Italy

Directly on the water, North of Limone you find Hotel Villa Romantica

This watersports paradise con be your next kitesurf, sailing, sup holiday destination. 

Special prices for watersporters*: 

1/3 April. Double room B&B 60 euro per night, Small Double Room B&B 50 euro per night and a Single room B&B 40 euro per nights.

4/6 April: Easter Holiday: Double room B&B 130 euro per night, Small Double Room B&B 110 euro per night and a Single room B&B 73 euro per nights.

7/29 April. Double room B&B 60 euro per night, Small Double Room B&B 50 euro per night and a Single room B&B 40 euro per nights.

Would you like to receive an offer for an other period? Please send me an email. 

*This offer is only available for people who kitesurf, sail or stand Up Paddle board. If you are interested in staying at Hotel Villa Romantica without doing any of these watersports with us. Please book here:

Top 10 activities to do in Limone at Lake Garda, Italy

How to make the most of your holiday at Lake Garda, Italy. After working and living at Lake Garda since 2004 I have made list. The list that can help you discover every sport and activity that Lake Garda has to offer. This list is for adventures, active and extreme people. Check out my top 10 activities for families for less intense sport activities. The indication of prices and what you need are based on my personal experiences. Off course they can change so don't take them as a rule just as an indication. It is a mix of on the water, on the road and off road activities. 

  1. Kitesurfing. Enjoy the termal wind on lake garda. if you have your own equipment 30 euro, beginner lesson 100 euro.
  2. Spinaker sailing with a catamaran. Rent a catamaran or sail with a captain. 1/2 day for 75 euro
  3. Night supping. Enjoy the full moon, stars and the quit atmosphere of Lake Garda. 25 euro.
  4. Jogging the Sentiero del Sol. Normal running shoes will do. track running shoes are better. pick up the map at tourist information or at Wind Riders and follow the signs. From LImone center this run is about 45 min.  
  5. Hiking the vertical k of Limone. tracking shoes and sticks are recommended. Pick up the map at Limone Tourist info and follow the signs. Are you a pro mountain runner? sign up for the night vertical run in Autumn. Running this track at night with people cheering you own and fire sticks along the way is a unique experience. I've done it and will remember it for ever! as a surprise there is a bar at the top of the mountain. They sell soft drinks, beer and some snacks! 
  6. Paraglyding from the Monte Baldo. lift ticket up around 20 euro. tandem flight: 130 euro
  7. Rock Climbing above Arco or Nago with Lake Garda in the back ground. private lesson for 2: 100 euro. 
  8. Mountainbiking through the caves, canyons of Tremosine and touring the valley above Limone. rent a mountainbike for starting at 5 euro's per day
  9. Renting a motorbike to drive around the Lake. 
  10. Hiking the extreme sky run of Limone. tracking shoes and sticks are recommended. Pick up the map at Limone Tourist info and follow the signs. Are you a pro mountain runner? Join the race in autumn. I've done it together with Noumea (labrador dog) it was though but worth it. Next time I would even train more for it. 

Some more that didn't make it in my top 10 of sports at Lake Garda but are very populaire with others: