Catamaran and Dinghy sailing on Lake GArda

From as early as 6 years old children start sailing dinghies. They explore the sensation of sailing a boat by using the wind. They learn to play by the rules of the game, no sailing against the wind is possible but you can tack upwind. The children learn so natural. Where an adult in the beginning has to think about how to steer the boat in a different direction, a child uses the helm as an extension of him/ herself and the boat goes where he/ she wants to go. To make the experience even more fun and social for children we have the splash, a dinghy with enough place for 2 children. This dinghy reacts really light on the rudder and has amazing performance. Also adults who are used to sail the laser love the splash. Do you want to go sailing with the whole family? Then renting a catamaran with or without captain will be the best. There are no age limits and no physical limits. Also disabled people can enjoy sailing with us. If you are an experience sailor you can even use the spinnaker on our K1 Topcat. The joy of sailing in the most stunning surroundings is difficult to explain. But every one can enjoy it. You can choose to be active and sail the boat yourself. Or you can let the captain do everything and you enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, the sun shining on your face and you see Limone from the lake perspective! 

Dinghy Sailing and Catamaran lessons

We offer courses for children and adults in the Splash and on the Topcat catamaran. From complete beginner to advanced sailor we can teach you. Our most advanced lessons teach you to use the spinnaker on the catamaran. For our teaching we use Radiohelmets and a RIB for the instructor to follow the boat with advanced lessons. With beginner lessons you will mostly have an instructor joining you on the boat. One lesson is 2,5 h. In the morning we start at 8 am and in the afternoon at 13 pm and 15:30 pm. 

Catamarangroup (3 per boat)duo (2 per teacher)private (1 per teacher)
1 lesson45,-75,-150,-
2 lessons100,-150,-300,-
3 lessons150,-225,-450
4 lessons200,-300,-600,-
5 lessons250,-375,-750,-
6 lessons295,-445,-845,-
7 lessons325,-500,-950,-
-- Dinghies --group (more then 2 per teacher)duo (2 per teacher)private (1 per teacher)
1 lesson35,-75,-150,-
2 lessons80,-150,-300,-
3 lessons120,-225,-450
4 lessons160,-300,-600,-
5 lessons200,-375,-750,-
6 lessons230,-445,-845,-
7 lessons250,-500,-950,-


Rent a sailing boat at Limone, Lake Garda. The Splash dinghy or the K1 Topcat (prices in euros): 

The splash is a boat that is very easy to handle. This makes it a fun boat for kids to learn sailing (2 per boat) and great boat for adults. You only need 3 bft of wind to reach planing speed. The fun and easiness make everyone fall in love with this boat. The boat reacts instantly on your input. This direct feedback makes learning a steep curve up. The Topcat is an allround catamaran. Great sailing in light wind and strong wind for everyone!

K1 Topcat CatamaranCatamaran with CaptainSplash dinghyDinghie with captian
1/2 day (2,5h)75,-100,- (drink included)75,-100,- (drink included)
Full day (2x 2,5h)140,-300,- (lunch included)140,-200,- (lunch included)
5 x 1/2 day (2,5h)300,--300,--

VDWS diploma update: 5 euro

VDWS book: 15 euro

VDWS test: 20 euro

With a 5 day  or more course  package, the VDWS book and diploma are included. 

A short history about the sailing school: Limone Watersports

Sailing has been my passion from when I was a little girl; my parents took me and my brother out sailing on their sailing boat. When me and my brother where 8 years old we started sailing Optimist. After the Optimist we took different paths. I chose the Splash and he travelled to Europe. In 2004, when I was 17, I left Holland to work a season at the North of Lake Garda teaching sailing, catamaran sailing and windsurfing at a sailing school in Riva. When I came back I convinced my brother: let's go Formula 18 catamaran sailing. We did and had 4 successful years of sailing and competing all over the world together. It was my time in 2009 to open my own kitesurf school at Lake Garda. I put all my energy and passion in Kitesurfing, teaching and competing again on World Cup level.

When you teach on Lake Garda you see a lot of sailing boats. Seeing them and often getting the question: Do you miss sailing? I have to admit: Yes, I've been missing sailing.

Lake Garda is great for sailing. The best catamaran for Lake Garda is the Topcat K1. So that is the one we have now :)  

Come sailing with us and our team