kitesurfing with Wind Riders at Lake Garda

Remember how it was to be a child and play with a colourful kite? Kitesurfing is the ultimate feeling of freedom. Just you, your kite, the water and the wind. Feel the adrenaline, hear the silence and enjoy the stunning scenery of Lake Garda!

Take our kitesurf lessons and learn to kitesurf between the steep mountains of the beautiful Lake Garda. There is no better place to learn to kitesurf.

You will start by learning how to control the kite. And after the 5 day basic course you are riding in both directions, you know how to make a self rescue, and you are independent in deep water! If you already are a kitesurfer, you can join the ride and let us bring you, with our boats to the spot with the best wind on the lake! Use your own kitesurf equipment or any of the latest North boards and kites of Wind Riders. 

Wind Riders Kitesurfing Limone focusses on progression, fun and safety. This is the 10th season for Wind Riders in Limone and the 14th year of teaching on Lake Garda. Read below the movie on the bottom of this page, what makes our kite school different.

Kitesurf lessons Prices: (in euros)

Group (4)Trioduoprivate
Test lesson, (11/12 am theorie, 13/17 pm waterlesson)100110,-150,-190,-
1 lessons110,-120,-160,-200,-
2 lessons220,-230,-320,-400,-
3 lessons310,-330,-450,-600,-
4 lessons375,-415,-560,-750,-**
5 lessons**450,-500,-**675,-**900,-
6 lessons525,-585,-785,-1050,-
7 lessons595,-665,-895,-1195,-

For each lesson you get one 3h water session, the first day inkl. 1h theory at the beach.

FairPlay: In case of you couldn’t finish your course (bad weather, illness), we always offer you a voucher!

** quality is guaranteed, if you do not reach the level of consistent downwind riding, you get more lessons for free.

Lessons start 7 days a week, you book the group size you want and we always organize it. 

*** in addition to the students/ student. One lifter can join the boat. For example if you book pair lessons there will be 2 students and maybe 1 independent lifter per teacher. 

Lift Shuttle & rental:

Are you an independent kitesurfer? We offer a boat shuttle service to the windy spot. In the morning the boat leaves at 7:00 am and in the afternoon at 13:15 pm. A VIP lift on call is possible from our Center at Hotel Leonardo da Vinci. The equipment that we rent out are the 2018 North kites. We have the Vegas, Rebel, Dice, Evo, Neo and Juice from 5 to 18 square meters. Boards we offer from 121 to 164 twintips, surfboard, raceboard and hydrofoil. Find more information about Lifts on the bottom of this page. 

RentalRental SupervisionliftVIP liftlift Supervisionlift + go-joe or board
1 session70,-90,-35,-45,-50,-40,-
2 sessions130,-170,-65,-85,-95,-75,-
3 sessions190,-250,-95,-125,-140,-110,-
4 sessions,-250,-330,-125,-165,-185,-145,-
5 sessions305,-400,-155,-180,-225,-180,-
10 sessions600,-700,-300,-350,-450,-340,-
20 sessions1000,-1200,-570,-670,-770,-635,-

Terms and conditions:

when you have an unsupervised lift you must be able to ride upwind.

Our lift service start at the main school between the 2 camp sides South of Limone city centre next to the beach of Hotel Leonardo da Vinci.

Insurance is included. Insurances covers damages to the equipment, it doesn’t cover loosing equipment.

Rental includes: kite, board, go-joe, harness, wetsuit and the lift service.

If you insist on using your own equipment insurance you can. 1 session is 5 euro discount, 5 sessions is 10 euro discount, 10 sessions is 15 euro discount. If you break our equipment, you buy the equipment for the price it was worth before you broke it and sort out the rest with your insurance company.

Our insurance is only for the equipment of Wind Riders. Not for personal damages or personal equipment damages.

Kitesurf lessons with success guaranteed!!!

Our goal is to make you an independent kitesurfer. We even guarantee this with our 5 day course. If you are not consistent riding in both directions we give you more lessons for free. You will learn the self rescue, study some theory about the weather and material to make you an independent kitesurfer. 

Teaching from a Boot. More efficient and progressive kitesurf teaching doesn't exist :)

The reason why we offer our guarantee (which no other kitesurf school in the world, as far as we know, offers) is that Lake Garda is great for kitesurfing and perfect for learning. We have stable wind, lot of space, the latest Equipment and experienced instructors. This combination is the formula to success!

Also Lake Garda keeps its promise – Wind is guaranteed. 

In the North of Lake Garda we have a mix of two winds: a thermal wind in the morning from the North and in the afternoon from the South. Plus the Venturi effect generated from the mountains on both side of the lake. 80 % of the session have wind! So if you do a 5 day course we schedule you 6 days so that we can finish your course easily. 

The equipment - always the latest material from North Kiteboarding

Every year we receive the latest North kites. We use the Neo mostly for teaching. Sometimes in light wind also the Evo, Dyno and Juice. All these kites excel in stability, windrange and easy relaunch. For the advanced kiters we have also the more technical North Vegas. 

VDWS and IKO are the basics for good lesson programs and safety. 

Our school is part of the IKO and VDWS organisations. Our instructors are qualified and experienced in teaching on Lake Garda. We follow a successful program which we adapt to your progression. Everyone can learn to kitesurf with our 5 day course. No matter what your age is, no matter how fit you are, we make sure that you are learning is a safe, fun environment. The minimum age for kitesurf lessons with us is 8 years old. 8 years old can sign up for the test lesson. After the kitesurf test lesson the teacher and the student together decide if to wait another year, to repeat the test lesson or to continue with the full basic course to become an independent kitesurfer. 

The wind season - a question of dressing up

We teach from the first of April until the end of October. In the colder months we provide you with neoprene gloves and shoes. In the midsummer months you can kitesurf in a shorty or board shorts! 

You finish your course and now what? Kitesurfing under supervision. 

After your basic course you can choose to practise by yourself or to take advanced lessons. When we supervise you we help you in situations of need. For example when you cannot relaunch your kite for a moment or when you have gone downwind. 


To rent from us we ask you to be an independent kitesurfer. For example after our 5 day course you can rent. If you have done your course anywhere else you have to be able to ride upwind. If you are able to ride upwind but not in all conditions then you rent with supervision so that if you go downwind the boat brings you back upwind. 

Book your kitesurfing with us or ask a question: