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Girls kitesurf camp lake garda 2015 23/29 august


Enjoy the fun of kitesurfing and being outdoors together with other girls!

Girls Kitecamp 2015: 23/29 august.

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Because we have different boats and different instructors and coaches on the water we always have different level groups. For example we will have 2 boats with coaches available for the freestyle girls and one other boat with instructor who teaches beginner girls. Every weekend we have included 2 kitesurf lessons / coaching sessions, 2 outdoor activities.

In the cold months of the year the kb4girls weekends includes, 1 night hotel,  two kite sessions on the water and Sauna. For beginner kitesurfers the prices of the weekend is 200 euro, including: lessons, equipment, accomodation in a hotel, dinner and welness. If you are an intermediate/advanced rider and have your own equipment, you get this whole day package for only 100 euros. This is a great chance to spend your weekend kiting and chilling with us! In the warm months it included one night a place on the campsite and pizza night.


KB4 girls Camp: 23/29 August 2015


As a highlight of all our KB4girls events we have our annual Girls Kitesurf Camp. This week has 7 kitesurf lessons/ coaching sessions,and 7 other activities (hiking, wakeboarding, slack lining, yoga, mountain biking, volleyball and SUP)

Like previous years, all the girls will be camping at the camping spot right next to the kiteschool. This camp is a great way to start kitesurfing or also to progress if you already kite!. Fun is guaranteed!

The beginners price for the camp is 625 euros. This includes kiting lessons everyday (including equipment and equipment insurance),  a kite clinic everyday and one other activity ( a hiking trip, a boat excursion,  yoga, volleyball, photoshoot… etc ) and Camping. (Careful though, your tent is not included!!)

For intermediate riders the price is 500 euro. You must be able to consistently ride upwind. You will learn your first jumps and different transitions. The first 4 days are lessons in small groups. The other days are more coaching days in bigger groups. (If you don’t bring your own equipment and want our amazing kites then the price is 600 euro.)

The advanced rider’s price for the camp is 425 euro. Advanced means that you are already jumping consistently and so during this week you would learn unhooked tricks and kiteloops. The price includes a coaching session everyday, a kite clinic, an other daily activity and the camping. If you do not bring your own equipment then the price is 525 euro.

NB: When you rent our beautiful equipment you always have the right size kite to use as we can choose the best one for you and you don’t have to pay for extra luggage at the airport which can sometimes be a lot! You also don’t have to try and carry it in taxis or on buses or any fun things like that…

The age of girls is in general between 18 to 50.

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